[Benchmarking setup] Sapphire Radeon HD 7750 Ultimate

Hardware Configuration:

  • CPU: Intel 2600K @ 4.4Ghz
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte
  • Memory: 8GB Mushkin Redline DDR3-2133
  • Chassis: Corsair Graphite 600T
  • Power Supply: Corsair AX1200
  • HDD: 1.5TB GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11
  • Cooling: Corsair H100 dual-fan
  • OS: Windows 7 Pro 64 bit


  • Sapphire HD 7850 OC Driver: 12.2
  • Nvidia Driver: 290.36
  • AMD Driver: 12.1

Benchmarks DX11:

  • Futuremark: 3DMark 11
  • Aliens vs Predator
  • Crysis 2
  • DiRT 3
  • Battlefield 3
  • Batman Arkham City
  • Metro 2033
  • Total War: Shogun II

Test Settings:

  • All in game benchmarks were performed at resolutions of 1680x1050, 1920x1200 and 2560x1600. Vsync is disabled in the control panel, AA is set to x4 with AF set to x16 and all the in-game settings are turned up to high, or very high.


  • Power consumption
  • Temperature


(Note: All models might not be included in this review. The table below is to be used for comparison purposes)
AMD Specifications
ModelAMD Radeon HD 7970AMD Radeon HD 7950AMD Radeon HD 7870AMD Radeon HD 7850Sapphire HD 7750 Ultimate
Processing Cores2048179212801024512
Core Clock925MHz800MHz1000MHz860MHz800MHz
Memory Clock1375MHz1250MHz1200MHz1200MHz1125MHz
Memory Interface384-bit256-bit256-bit256-bit128-bit
Fabrication Process28nm28nm28nm28nm28nm
NVIDIA Specifications
ModelNvidia GTX 460Nvidia GTX 470Nvidia GTX 480Nvidia GTX 570Nvidia GTX 580
Processing Cores336448480480512
Core Clock675MHz607MHz700MHz742MHz782MHz
Memory Clock1100MHz837MHz924MHz1250MHz1002MHz
Memory Interface256-bit128-bit320-bit320-bit384-bit
Memory Type1GB GDDR51.25GB GDDR51.5GB GDDR51.25GB GDDR51.5GB GDDR5
Fabrication Process40nm40nm40nm40nm40nm