Maintenance of fish larvae Gurame

Maintenance of fish larvae Gurame

the maintenance activities of carp larvae things to note are:

- Container maintenance

- Water quality

- Feed

- Maintenance / handling

Container Maintenance

carp larvae of container from the egg is usually placed in the aquarium, but the hatching eggs can also be done in the bucket.

for the aquarium with a size of 80 x 40 x 40 cm the number of eggs that can accommodate about 2,000 eggs.

water level for maintenance of the eggs in the aquarium 15 cm, the container should also be installed aerator maintenance, heater.

functioning aerator to supply oxygen to the aquarium water. This aerator works to increase the oxygen content. oxygen needed by fish to help increase fish growth. fish metabolic processes require oxygen in the growth stage, when the oxygen content in the aquarium is less it will affect the lives of fish so that fish growth is less than optimal.

Heater / water heater

Different types of heater there is a 50 watt, 75 watt and 100 watt but all the same, namely to increase the temperature of the water and maintain water temperature maintenance in the media so that a stable water temperature does not fluctuate especially high at the turn of the weather, night and day into night into day.

very influential on the water heater is the temperature, where the water temperature helps increase appetite in fish, their appetite will grow in conditions of optimal water temperature (warm) because when the optimal temperature will help in deciphering the metabolic processes of fish food into energy and for fish growth. fish weight and length will increase when there are nutrients that are acquired, the main nutrients for the needs of the fish is in addition to other nutrients such as protein karbrohidrat, fatty optimal temperature for larval rearing is 20-29 degrees Celsius.


Within a period of 3-4 days the eggs will hatch, the larvae of carp fed directly yet because they still contain egg yolk. the yolk will be exhausted within a period of approximately 6 days. after the yolk out of fish larvae were fed a silk worm or daphnia

larval rearing

water in the aquarium was replaced every 3-4 days once the turn is done by menyipon water (drain using a hose) using a water hose. aquarium water changes must be done carefully so that fish do not go with the hose. usually when the fish sucked the hose, it will cause the fish seed damage or stress. When using a water heater / heater in penyiponan should carefully make sure the heater has been turned off by unplugging the power cord when the heater forget to repealed it when replaced with a new water heater in the aquarium will break.