ways of making fish aquarium

ways of making fish aquarium

Aquarium is a container / maintenance media type water biota, aquatic animals can be maintained in an aquarium are fish, turtles, shrimp. to obtain the aquarium can be done by way of purchase or make your own, if we do not enough money to buy it we can make your own aquarium at home. materials needed to make the aquarium are:

- Glass

- Glue Glass

- Solatif

The size of the glass to be used varies depending on the purpose and what kind of fish will be maintained, if we would maintain a fairly large fish like arowana aquarium used the minimum size of 80 x 40 x 40 cm, when the fish are relatively small body size such as cooks , guppy, sumatra, manvis, could use a tank size of 60 x 30 x 30 cm.

to begin the first we have to account for or measure the size of the glass to be fitted to a rectangular aquarium there are 5 (five) side of the glass used, to the underside or base using aquarium measuring 80 x 40 cm with a thickness of 5 mm, for 2 ( two) side measuring 79 x 40 cm thickness of 5 mm, and for 2 (two) the other side measures 40 x 40 cm thick, 5 mm. for the base's use as a base for sterofoam glass measuring 80 x 40 cm.

glass to be fitted with a glass under the glass size of 40 x 40 cm. glass under glass with a special glue was given a lot of glue is used to size the glass to be placed along the 40 cm. prior to gluing to be glued neatly fitted solatif need to keep the glue did not spread everywhere. taped to the glass after being held by the buffer in the form of tin cans to keep from falling.

then we prepare the glass with a size of 79 x 40cm mounted on the side to the next. sizing performed on glass mat and glass 80 x 40 uk. 40 x 40 cm, after glued then paired glass size is 79 x 40 cm, was subsequently attached to the other glass.

once installed it is 5 (five) glass at the corners and the corner of the tank at any given perimeter glue to prevent leakage of aquarium. to be strong to withstand the aquarium needs to be installed at the top of the aquarium glass that is fitted around the glass with a size of 80 x 6 cm thick, 5 mm and 40 x 6 cm thick, 5 mm. it aims to bind the glass side of the one with the other side of the glass. after the wrong is made, the aquarium can not be immediately filled with water. solatif which was mounted on a removable aquarium.

aquarium water can be drained after the first day, giving at once filled with water should not be piecemeal. The first charging approximately the height of the water was 5-10 cm it aims to check the aquarium fear of leakage. when no water is leaking then it can plus more.