various types of Arowana fish feed

various types of Arowana fish feed
feed to be given to the type of fish to be seen, carpenter and eating fish. Arowana is a carnivorous fish species (carnivores) and is the type of fish predators (Predator), the feed given should be feed live / meat.
feeding should be adjusted to the width of the mouth opening arowana. if the arowana is still small in size should not be given feed that big.
The types of feed used for the arowana:
A. Frozen worms / blood worms
Frozen worms / blood worms given to young fish. the feed is given when the seed is up egg yolks. yolk reserves to feed the fish is the seed before the seed is ready to eat in the wild.
2. Minnow
Small fish can be given to the arowana fish beunteur, nilem fish, catfish, fish size variation is adjusted by the size of the arowana to be fed and the size of the Arowana mouth opening wide.
3. freshwater shrimp
Shrimp can be given as food for Arowana. shrimp can increase the brightness of the color of arowana. before being given the sharp shrimp head need to be removed so as not to injure the mouth and gut arowana
4. cricket
Crickets can also be given to the arowana, crickets can also increase the brightness of the color of arowana. crickets to be provided on the back foot arowana is usually sharp like discarded because it was feared would injure arowana intestine and mouth.
5. Frog
Frogs can be fed as arowana, before frogs frogs need to be soaked first to clean the dirt from the frog.