Icom MXA-5000, Icom MXA5000 01 Marine AIS Class A & B Receiver

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Icom MXA5000 01 Marine AIS Class A & B Receiver

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The MXA-5000 is an AIS (Automatic Identification System) receiver used for vessel identification and collision avoidance. The unit receives AIS signal from vessels equipped with AIS transmitters and displays the information on a third-party Chartplotter or Radar display. The MXA-5000 receives both Class A (commercial vessels) and Class B (pleasure craft) transmissions. Information displayed can include the vessel's name, position, type, speed, and course. Data is output in the standard NMEA 0183 format. A built-in antenna splitter allows you to use an existing VHF antenna, thus saving the expense of a second antenna.

Icom MXA-5000 Feature

  • Receives both Class A & B AIS transmissions
  • Built-in antenna splitter allows use of existing VHF antenna
  • Data displayed on third-party Chartplotter or Radar
  • NMEA 0183 Data output
  • 12 Volt DC operation
  • Class D DSC built in
  • Force 5 Audio built in
  • Filters out most surrounding ambient noises when transmitting a message
  • IPX8 waterproof construction
  • Large LCD with alpha/numeric labeled channels

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